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A boiler is the heart of every home’s central heating system. Boilers rely on a fuel source, which is often either natural gas or oil, to heat a liquid, oftentimes water, which is pumped throughout your house to provide heating.

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Depending on where you live, natural gas may be the best option as it is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and usually cheaper; however, you must be near a gas line.

Installing Heating Boiler
Oil boilers, on the other hand, are not dependent on a supply line.

Oil boilers, on the other hand, are not dependent on a supply line. Some oils also include biodiesel which makes the oil more environmentally friendly. Additionally, oil requires an initial purchase of oil, as well as, delivery and storage of the oil on your property.

Installing a new boiler heating system is an important decision that needs to made with a professional, especially since the electrical, gas, and plumbing systems are all intricately involved. Having your boiler replaced can also be complex and expensive operation that can range from $3,000-$8,000.

Oil Boiler Installation

Below are several signs that you may need servicing to your boiler or an oil or gas boiler replacement.

Odd Sounds:

If sounds like banging or whistling is happening from your boiler, it could be “kettling.” This is caused from a build-up of deposits in the water due to age and can sound like a boiling tea kettle. These noises make the boiler work harder to pump water throughout your home which thus raises the energy bill. If this is happening, contact a local a gas or oil boiler installer to address the issue.

Irregular or No Heating

If your house is not being evenly heated (or at all), failing parts inside your boiler could be the culprit. Internal parts such as valves or seals can become worn and work less efficiently. When this happens, it’s smart to discuss servicing or a replacement by a local, gas or oil boiler installer.

Leaks and Drips

Overtime, your boiler ages, which can affect the seals as well as the effectiveness of parts. The pressure can also be set incorrectly. All of these factors can not only result in leaks but can cause the boiler to run inefficiently. A gas or oil boiler installer can assess the boiler find help identify the cause of the leak.

Gas Leaks

Natural gas leaks can be identified by sulfuric smells, a hissing sound near the line, dying houseplants, or bubbles in the water. Gas leaks can be caused by worn parts such as valves or seals or a pipe leak. If left unchecked, leaks can lead to explosions when there are poor pipe connections.

Installing a Boiler Heating System
If you’re having any of these issues with your boiler or need a boiler replacement, contact us, your local gas or oil boiler installation service.

It’s extremely important to immediately leave the home and contact 911 to report the gas leak as there can be health effects to both people and animals if the leak continues. Contacting a professional gas boiler installer to have the leak fixed right away is necessary.

If you’re having any of these issues with your boiler or need a boiler replacement, contact us, your local gas or oil boiler installation service.

Not relying on a professional oil or gas boiler installation service, could cost you not only time and money, but could prove to be dangerous if installs are done incorrectly.

We’re ready to help install and repair your home’s heating system today.


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