Flooring Installation Options For You

Flooring Installation Options For You

Thinking about some new flooring installation in your home?  If the bathroom is on the list, there is an almost endless list of options available to you.  You can go with old favorites like ceramic or porcelain.  Alternatively, you can venture boldly into uncharted territory and explore options that make a real statement.

Ceramic And Porcelain – Ye Old Faithfuls Of Bathroom Flooring Solutions

Ceramic and porcelain have long been the preferred materials for bathroom flooring and wall tiling, and for good reason.  Extremely durable, they are also waterproof and easy to clean.  However, they can get slippery when wet so choose tiles with a textured surface.  A tip – smaller tiles that need more grout can also provide better traction when wet.

Cork – A Corker Of A Flooring Solution For Your Bathroom

If ceramic and porcelain are out of favor for this bathroom reno, plenty of other flooring materials are just as durable and user-friendly.  Cork, for instance is right up there too in the durability and waterproof stakes. It’s also sustainable, with lovely grain patterns and a natural texture that provides good anti-slip traction.  Reseal it every few years to keep it in tiptop moisture-free condition.

Concrete Flooring Installation

Concrete Flooring Installation
Concrete Flooring Installation – Polished concrete for instance has a lovely smooth, silky sheen to it but ask the finishers to leave some texture for grip.

If your house is sitting on a concrete slab foundation, why not leave the concrete alone in the bathroom.  Concrete lasts forever and, properly finished, resists both dampness and water damage.

Instead of covering it up, there are a number of alternative ways to treat concrete.  Polished concrete for instance has a lovely smooth, silky sheen to it but ask the finishers to leave some texture for grip.

Alternatively, you can also dye, stain, stamp and paint concrete to create a totally unique bathroom flooring installation.

Vinyl Flooring Options

For a flooring remodel on a budget, you can’t get much more economical than vinyl flooring.  This increasingly popular material is durable, waterproof, and very easy to install.  Ideal for wet areas in other words!  It comes in convenient sheets, tiles, and planks.  Designers and manufacturers have also stepped up to the plate, producing a huge variety of designs and styles to choose from.

A point to bear in mind with vinyl flooring is that it probably won’t improve the resale value of the house.

Natural Stone For A Luxurious Flooring Feel

Natural stone is an attractive and durable flooring material.  However, it is expensive and not as waterproof as other types of flooring.  Therefore, if you do choose a natural stone for your wet areas flooring installation, be prepared to put in some maintenance.  Harder stones i.e. granite and marble, may go 5 years or so before needing a reseal.  The softer stones like limestone and travertine require resealing every few years.  Still, they are a good way to raise the resale value of the house.

Safety Tip: polished stone is slippery when wet so choose something with texture for bathroom flooring, whether added or natural.  Slate for instance is naturally textured.

Find Flooring Near Me

With gas prices being what they are, you don’t really want to travel for miles trying to find the right flooring.  Consider searching for ‘flooring near me’ instead, and support your local businesses as well!

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