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Are you looking to add some updates to your home and are considering using brick or stone? Masonry is a great way to build visual interest in your home by incorporating local colors, whether you choose natural or man-made materials. When done correctly, adding brick or stone elements to your home is a smart way to increase the character, visual interest, and add value to one of your greatest investments.

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Considering the type of aesthetic, as well as, the costs to install and maintain the masonry, is smart to do before moving onto the installation phase.

Masonry is the practice of using mortar as the binding agent for brick, stone, marble, granite, or concrete blocks. Masonry work involves building and maintaining walls, walkways, outdoor dining areas, chimneys, and more. Different materials used in masonry work have different degrees of strength and durability, as well as costs and maintenance requirements.

For example, bricks are known to be strong and durable and maintain temperatures well inside of a house, which increases the energy efficiency of the home. Brick also does not need to be painted, unlike other types of siding, which is why brick increases the value of a home. Considering the type of aesthetic, as well as, the costs to install and maintain the masonry, is smart to do before moving onto the installation phase.

When to contact the remodeling contractors

Before starting a masonry project or attempting to repair masonry work yourself, it is important to contact a local remodeling contractor to ensure that your work is done correctly. A general contractor will subcontract with specialists, including masons and master masons. Using a general contractor is a smart way to ensure your masonry project is done using quality materials and workmanship, which will help avoid you wasting money on a DIY gone wrong.

Knowing when to call a master mason

Here are several situations when it will be smart to call your local general contractor, professional mason, or bricklayer.

Renovating or repairing your chimney

If your chimney has been damaged by a windstorm or fallen tree limb, repairing it straight away can prevent leaks from rain and snow, as well as, reduce the risk of a dangerous chimney fire. After noticing damage, contacting your local mason or home remodeling company is a wise decision.

Adding a walkway or outdoor patio

Adding a walkway or outdoor patio
Adding a walkway or outdoor patio

In addition to walls and chimneys, masons also install special walkways or outdoor entertaining areas.

Adding stone elements will enhance the stateliness and visual interest of your outdoor spaces. In order to ensure a job is done correctly, contact your local, professional mason or remodeling contractor.

Adding a veneer to your home

Adding a veneer, or a pre-made stone panel, to your home is a smart way to enhance the look of your wood or vinyl siding. However, installing a veneer can be tricky; contacting a professional mason can lead to a beautiful end result.

Whether you’re looking to repair a chimney, build a new wall, incorporate a new outdoor element, or add to the look of your home’s siding, masonry work can increase the interest and value of your home. Contacting local remodeling contractors or general contractor near you would be the first step in having the job done correctly the first time.

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