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Doors provide privacy, reduce sound, and enhance the interior décor of your home. A pre-hung door will include the door frame, also known as a jamb, and the door which is referred to as a slab. Pre-hung doors can range in both price and quality and include hollow or solid doors.

Installing a pre-hung door yourself can save you a few hundred dollars in installation costs, however, issues can still arise during the installation process. Common issues are related to misalignment or uneven surfaces and can prevent proper opening and closing of your new door.

Basic steps for installing pre-hung interior doors

The basic steps to installing a pre-hung door include installing the door frame (or if needed, replace the interior door frame), making adjustments so the door and frame properly fit the wall, and reattaching the door by placing the pins back into the door’s hinges. Trim is then added around the door frame and finishing is done with sanding and painting. Lastly, doorknobs, handles, and locks are installed on the finished door.

Adjusting the door frame several times throughout this process will make sure that the door moves smoothly without any major gaps or impediments as it opens and closes.

Two factors that can impact an internal door installation

Installing a new interior door can go poorly if the framing is done incorrectly or if uneven floors are not taken into account.

Unlevel door framing

The door framing secures the pre-hung door into the wall. Making sure the framing is level along all sides can require the most time, however, getting it right is critical to a successful internal door installation.

Essentially, all four corners of the door frame need to be level or “plumb.” A professional interior door contractor will make sure your door frame is level and secure by using shims, or thin, angled strips of material such as wood, to align the frame and fix any gaps before reattaching the door.

Uneven flooring

When a door is installed on uneven flooring, one side of the door can end up being higher than the other which places the entire door off level with the frame. This can cause a gap between the top of the door and the door frame.

Installing the door frame or jamb off the ground to allow for flooring to go underneath is one way to prevent this. Additionally, the bottom of the door can also be adjusted to fit the flooring height. This consideration is especially important in new construction homes that will have carpet or tile installed underneath the door.

If there are several damaged or outdated doors in your home, and you’re ready to give your home’s interior decor a repair or facelift, do not attempt a DIY. Instead, give your local interior door contractors a call for a quote for polished doors today.

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