Internal Door Installation – Getting It Done Right

Internal Door Installation – Getting It Done Right

Far too many homeowners overlook the humble yet hardworking internal doors in their homes.  Yet these doors are very visible throughout the home and are an integral part of the home’s décor.  Therefore, they deserve to have a bit of thought put into them.  From style and color to internal door installation, they all do matter when it comes to making sure your internal doors are a good fit for your home.  And lifestyle.

First Make Sure Your Internal Doors Are Right For Your Home

If you select the right internal doors, they will reward you with a lifetime of use.  These doors are subjected to a lot of wear and tear so choosing the right ones is as much about esthetics as it is about durability.

If you have children and pets that constantly charge through doors at breakneck speed you’re going to want doors, and hinges, that can withstand that type of treatment.  Children can also be noisy but the right doors can reduce the amount of sound that is transferred around the house.  They are also important for privacy.

Are Your Interior Doors Installed Correctly
Are Your Interior Doors Installed Correctly?

Interior doors add style and character to your home’s interior design.  Doors that are the wrong color for instance will dramatically reduce the visual appeal of the home.  Dark doors in small spaces will make those spaces look even smaller.  Then there are the really confined spaces where a swinging door becomes a hindrance because it gets in the way.

In these instances you want interior doors that enhance the spaces they’re in.  They should fit into the décor rather than detract from it.  In small spaces, use doors that are the same color as the walls, or install French doors if privacy isn’t a consideration.  These can add a real sense of spacious elegance to your home.  For confined spaces where swinging doors are simply not feasible, install sliding ones instead if you can.  Barn doors are great for these types of spaces, or you could also look at folding doors.

Are Your Interior Doors Installed Correctly?

Obviously, the quality of your internal door installation also matters.  A lot!  Poorly installed doors can negate many of the reasons for having them.  Gaps between the door and the frame can let noise travel between rooms.  Locks that don’t latch properly affect privacy.  Crookedly hung doors may not open and close properly period.  This places a lot more strain on the hinges and frames, resulting in additional wear and tear.

For these reasons, DIY door installations are usually not a good idea unless you’re experienced at doing them.  You are better off hiring reputable interior door installation contractors to do it for you.

Finding Good Interior Door Installation Contractors

There are plenty of interior door installation contractors around but finding a good one is always important.  One of the best ways it to head to a specialist local directory site that only deals with building trades in a particular area.  These sites are more likely to vet the businesses on their listings, and may also have a section where clients can submit feedback.   In this instance, feedback is your best resource.  You are looking for contractors who consistently get 5 star ratings across all provided metrics – quality, reliability, communication, speed and so on.

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