When To Call A Sheetrock Handyman

Do you need a sheetrock handyman to repair the nail holes from your photos?

Are you planning a renovation and will need the sheetrock installation cost?

Do you need sheetrock water damage repair due to a leaky pipe?

Time to call a Sheetrock Handyman

Fixing damaged sheetrock can be a headache if you’re a new homeowner. Did you just find a nail hole or discover that your door knob has left a hole in your wall?

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When these situations arise, you may consider if a DIY solution will suffice or whether it’s time to recruit a sheetrock handyman for the repair. After all, a poorly done, quick fix can lead to more issues later on.

Sheetrock damage can be caused from: nail damage, cracks from a settling house, holes from door knobs or other damage, water damage from a leaky pipe, or even a termite infestation. It can become overwhelming to realize that your walls have more damage than you initially thought. Ignoring these issues or not repairing them right the first time can lead to lumps and ridges in your walls, or worse yet, even pose health risks if water damage is not correctly remedied.

After discovering that your walls have damage caused by holes, cracks, or other damage, the best solution is to contact a local sheetrock installer to assess the damage and provide an estimate for the repair.

Sheetrock installation costs will depend on the size of the project, location, finishing, and whether there is old sheetrock that needs to be removed. The national average price of sheetrock ranges from $0.40-$0.60 per square foot. The total cost for a project can range from $1,000-$3,000. Correctly remedying an issue the first time, rather than relying on a DIY, is always the smart choice.

Below are some common causes of sheetrock damage, which will require attention from a local and reputable sheetrock repair company.

Furniture Scuffs

Moving large furniture or bulky items around in your house can leave unattractive scuff marks on the walls if you’re not careful. Although a small sheetrock repair, these marks can be quickly and correctly remedied by a professional sheetrock handyman. Doing this will protect your walls and keep them pristine and flawless for years to come.

Door Handle Damage

Letting a door knob slam into the wall behind it can cause significant damage to your sheetrock. Preventing this can be done by installing a door stop or a wall stop. However, the damaged area will need to be repaired by a sheetrock handyman to prevent further damage.

Nail Hole Damage

Do you have a lot of pieces of wall art or photos hanging in your home? The truth is that if not hung correctly, nails can cause nail hole damage to your sheetrock. It is common to also find nail damage when you’ve just moved into a new home or are remodelling your current home decor. To repair the damage, the holes must be patched so ensure the wall has a smooth finish before priming and repainting. Call your local sheetrock handyman for a repair today.


Pay serious attention to cracks. No matter how small they are, it’s wise to not ignore them. Cracks often develop with time in your home and lead to more complicated problems.

Cracks in the drywall may be caused by weather or humidity changes. They can also signal more severe problems, such as structural issues like foundation settlement or framing deterioration. Once the cause and severity are determined, a sheetrock repair company can repair the cracks.

Sheetrock Water Damage

Another common area of concern is sheetrock water damage repair. This typically happens when a plumbing line behind the sheetrock leaks or malfunctions, which damages your sheetrock. Signs of water damage include: discoloration, sagging or bulges or bubbling paint. If the water damage is prevalent, it is crucial to call your local sheetrock handyman to correctly restore your walls and avoid health risks like mold or mildew.

Sheetrock damage can range from minor to severe, however, any damage must be treated quickly and correctly to avoid the problem becoming worse. For solutions to any of the above problems or to receive a quote for sheetrock installation cost, contact us today.

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